The Trust

History of the Trust

Botebong Trust is a 20% shareholder in Botebong Communications. It is established by Botebong Communications as a start-up fund to support previously disadvantaged black youth in rural and peri urban areas. Botebong Trust was established in 2020 as non-profit organisation by its Patron, Mr Sizwe Mthanti. The central mission of the Trust is to enable us to continue the work to contribute whatever we can to the vitally important objective of promoting the achievement of Africa’s renaissance. This was given rise by the Patron’s determination for South Africa to develop direct association with the rest of the African continent. The country shared a common struggle for liberation from colonialism with other African countries, so it was prudent for it to be at one with them and respond practically in the liberation and development challenges of the African continent.

The trustees

Our Board of Trustees composed of distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Individuals with extensive experience in advocacy and activism, policy, and business. The board informs the vision of the Trust and helps to ensure we are making progress in our mission. Mr Sizwe Mthanti is the Chair of the Board.

African children. Kenya. Mombasa. January 25, 2012

We support more than 200 Botebong voluntary and community organisations to deliver their services by providing funding, governance, partnership and other relevant information and advice. Through our networks, we bring the sector’s organisations together to ensure their concerns are raised and their voice are heard.

Our Vision

Botebong Trust seeks to mobilise Africa’s forces, eradicating poverty by building the capacity of the targeted communities so that they may be able to stand on their own feet.