Key focus areas


With a deep concern for poverty and unemployment in South Africa, we make a positive contribution to our community through our empowerment structure and transformation initiatives. We invest responsibly, with our priority being to protect and enhance the value the youth. Are you motivated and talented with a bright future, yet financial worries are preventing you from completing your education? We all know that studying is expensive and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford further study. The Botebong Trust bursary Program offers selected candidates that have the potential an opportunity to complete their studies.


Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of all the actions, attributes and activities of entrepreneurs. Put differently, it is an articulated intuitive process of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and exploiting productive ventures with a view to make profit. Such ventures ultimately result in the production of goods and services that satisfy societal needs, desires and aspirations. Entrepreneurship could therefore be defined as a form of scientific, socio-cultural, technological, economic or political breakthrough and transformation. Entrepreneurs are pivotal in driving economic growth and creating employment. They are also recognized as sources of innovation and new ideas and most specifically as ‘agents’ that foster competitiveness and productivity within the global economy.


Our corporate team, Time & Talents, organizes programmes that match business employees with local charities to carry out projects to benefit the African communities. IF YOU WANT TO HELP During the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, a tremendous number of people helped out in their local communities. Now that restrictions are lifted, employee volunteers are needed more that ever to help charities get up and fully running again. And your organisation can volunteer to help run group activities that encourage the most isolated residents to reconnect locally and readjust to the new normal. If you prefer your organisation to get involved remotely, just a few hours of your employees' time can provide crucial support to all types of voluntary groups and organizations and help the most vulnerable in the community. They could be training charity staff, helping with media/marketing, providing web and IT solutions, financial accounts, taking up advisory roles, joining the board of trustees, or setting up fundraising campaigns. If you are keen for your organisation to volunteer remotely or in person, please contact us


SEED programmes are designed to help you bridge the gap between your expectations of the world of work, and the reality of it. Coaching, mentoring, and networking activities will enable the exploration, expansion, and/or refinement of your employability skills to help you prepare for your career. How SEED employability coaching works Employability skills, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset, can be developed through employability coaching. SEED uses this method to enhance employability skills and entrepreneurial mindsets through positive interactions with experienced entrepreneurs and successful members of the workforce. Coaching workshops will involve activity-based training to broaden your understanding of the world of work in terms of employer expectations and personal growth. You’ll have the opportunity to attend 10 workshops focused on employability and entrepreneurship led by accredited life coaches, and 3 networking sessions to engage with like-minded peers.